A Long Weekend

So another week has come and gone and I get a nice 4-day weekend with the family. Going to beg out as much as one can with small children in the house, catch up on viewing The Cape, some reading, the usual drill.

Every once in a while I plan to use this blog to review books I’ve read recently. Here’s a mini-review to get you started. My colleague over at Acaseforbooks recommended the Northlander series of graphic novels about the Viking era, written by Brian Wood and illustrated by different artists each volume.

These books are truly brutal in terms of storytelling and artistic execution.  The first, Sven the Returned, is a graphic exploration of one man’s return from self-exile in Constantinople to reclaim his family fortune.  Superstition, sex, politics, and brutal cunning are the order if the day here.

Pick it up from your bookseller or better yet from your local library.  Word of warning: my colleague wasn’t kidding when she said this book is for mature audiences. Don’t let the kids get ahold of this one.

Oh, and the book gets some details right, historically speaking. The Vikings did not wear horned helmets, and they were just as liable to use a trusty sword as they were an axe.


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