Blogs and Authorship

So, dear readers, in addition to being a full-time public librarian and part-time crank, I am a wannabe author.  Thanks to a terrific Christmas gift, I have the means to actually write in my spare time without using public pcs or library owned desktops.

I’ve been devoting this spare time to writing a novel.  Those of you familiar with my past efforts will remember that I never made it past chapter 5.  I’m hoping to actually break this trend and power all the way through.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post.  Should I wait until I’ve got the entire thing written down and then submit the manuscript to an agent and publisher in the time-honored fashion?  Or should I try to get with the times and serialize it online?

It’s an idea I’ve been kicking around since I started this latest effort.  The advantage is that any money I get from reader donations and page views would be all mine, minus server fees.  The disadvantages are:

1. Having to pay server fees to host the thing.

2. A much smaller readership than could be reached through the traditional publication methods.

3. Serializing means writing to meet a deadline, which in turn means rushed writing, lack of revision, and no editorial polish.

So what do you think?

And for those of you wondering why this post is not library related, refer to the very first posting on this blog.


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