Things That Grind My Gears

A recent commenter suggested that I do a post on things that grind my gears.  I try not to complain too much but sometimes you just have to let it rip.  Yes, I know.  Those of you who know me are shaking your heads, saying, “He doesn’t complain TOO much?”  To that I say, it could be a LOT more complaining.  On to the topic.

10: Rudeness – You would think rudeness would be higher on my list.  However, working in New York accustoms one to the various, splendid ways people in this state find to push other’s buttons.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like rudeness, but you develop a thick skin in this line of work or you go nuts.

9: Circulation tricks – Many libraries like to use a little thing called in-house statistics to artificially inflate their numbers.  The fact that we have to do things like this just to prove our worth to bean-counters who wouldn’t know a reference book if it was stuffed with free money, really grinds the gears.

8: Clueless people – You know the type.  They come in, they look around, and they proceed to gum up the works.  For example, in most libraries, the librarian sits behind a great big desk, usually labelled “Information” or “Librarian” or something similar.  The librarian also tends to be wearing ID, and be well-dressed.  And yet, STILL, clueless boobs ask, on average of five times a day, “Do you work here?”

7: Proxy Googlers – “Hey, can you look something up for me?  No no type this in.  Now scroll down here … o…k bring it back up a notch.  Now click on this right here.”  Excuse me.  I have a masters in information science.  I THINK I know a LITTLE bit more about how to find things than you do.  Oh, and the next one of you who says, “Oh I don’t know how to use a computer,” when I helpfully suggest getting you an appointment on one of our terminals is getting a keyboard between the ears.

6: Taxpayers – Did you know I once had a 10-year-old get persnickety with me when I couldn’t find the book he wanted?  His exact words were: “My taxes pay for you!”  I probably would have been fired if I gave him the change from my pocket and told him it was his refund.

5: Obstacles – I’m standing here with a truck full of books, and yet you bulldoze right past me, stare at the shelf I was working on, and refuse to move for the next 15 minutes.  Five minutes later you complain that the book you wanted wasn’t where it always is.  Of course it isn’t.  I was still putting it away.   Boob.

4: Space Invaders – Seriously, I’d like a little more than 3 inches of space between your face and mine.  I did not invite you behind my desk and I do not appreciate feeling you breathing all over my hands while I’m trying to find what you’re looking for.

3: Busybodies – “You busy?”  Let’s see, I’ve got trucks full of books marked for various tasks, my hands are flying over the keyboard, and there were three people before you that I helped and five more behind you waiting for you to finish.

2: Top 10 lists – You’re getting 10-2.  Why?  Because why should things that make me happy, laugh, sad, or frost my preserves be limited to some arbitrary number?  Am I supposed to make shit up for your reading pleasure?

And those are my gear grinders.  How about you, dear readers?


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